CoDrone Mini

CoDroneMini : Educational Coding Drone

CoDrone mini
Coded mini, a smart coding drone that can learn drones and coding!
It is a high-performance drone that can be enjoyed by everyone from 8 years old to professionals. Easily code your ideas into block types, click the keyboard buttons and they'll automatically fly as the drone thinks. CoDrone Mini is designed to make drone coding easier and safer than the existing CoDrone series. You don't have to start coding with advanced textbooks or expensive drones, you can start coding drones instantly with CoDrone Mini!
Coding can be done with a variety of open source software, from scratch-type block-based programs for beginners to Python.


The Codrone Mini has everything a drone should have.
CoDrone mini
Drones and remote controls allow a variety of controls and maintenance.
CoDrone mini

CoDrone Mini specs

CoDrone mini spec

Actual configuration


CoDrone Mini can be enjoyed in four different ways: remote control, virtual control, PC monitoring control and block program.

Remote Control

Drone flight using joystick can be controlled anywhere.
    Pairing: The first step is to connect the drone to the remote controller. Power up the drone and shake it for 20 seconds. The drone's LED will then flash blue and red. Press the Pairing button on the remote for a few seconds. When connected, the drone's LED will stop flashing and the remote will make a beeping sound.
    Reset: Calibrate the drone on a flat surface. Place the drone on the floor and press the RESET button on the remote control once, then the LED on the drone will react.
    Start: Press the button on the right for about 4 seconds, the drone will take off and hover automatically.
    Flying: Use the left joystick to move up/down/left/right and use the right joystick to move forward/backward/left/right.
    Stop: Press the button on the right for about 4 seconds to land at the desired target area and slowly descend to land.

Drone Simulator Virtual Flight

Virtual drone flying with the joystick allows you to control and practice drones on your monitor in a variety of ways without actually flying them.
    Connection: Connect the PC and the remote control with a USB cable, run the drone simulator, connect the port from the Connection C button on the upper right and press the Training button to go to the virtual drone control screen.
Virtual Flight
    Virtual Flight: Control the drone on your screen with the wired remote, just like you would control a real drone.

Drone simulator monitoring flight

You can monitor the drone's various sensor values ​​and drone status through the PC, control the drone using a real keyboard, and even autonomous flight.
    Connection: Connect the PC and the remote control with a USB cable, run the drone simulator and connect the port from the Connection D button on the upper right to go to the drone monitoring screen.
    Play: You can monitor the status of drones, fly drones with a real keyboard, and even run autonomous flights through a sequential flight program tool.

Rokit Brick

Drag-and-drop block coding programming using the mouse allows you to control a variety of drones, experiments, games and missions.
    Selection: Connect the PC and remote control with a USB cable, run RokitBrick, select CoDrone Mini from drone types and press the SELECT button.
Connection & Play
    Connection & Play: Tap the β€œCoDrone Mini” tab in the block group at the top left and tap Connect to drones directly below to connect ports. Move the desired blocks to the central script to control various drones in real time.
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